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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Notes on Protect and Serve

This story is different. It isnt really a horror story in the traditional sense, but it addresses the darker side of humanity. It is only a short peice and in all honesty and am still working on turning it into a much longer piece, but I read through it and feel that it is almost a short story on its own. A short scene if you like.

I have plans to turn this into a novel, not using this one idea, but the two central characters we introduce, hoping to create a Shield like atmosphere, although pulling even less punches with brutality and shocks. I have many more characters and sub plots to bring in, possibly even leaving this 'drug' family alone after the first few chapters as the bigger fish take over.

I am using this post, not justas a short story but more as a short offering, a glimpse if you will into future goods. A prieview that I am very keen to receive comments on.

I will of course continue to bring you my short stories along side this novel I am planning so do not loose heart.

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