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Friday, 30 July 2010

Cast your votes now

It is true, I have had two short stories from my collection accepted for publication.

The first one A Love Story ( a draft of which can be found on this site) was publsihed back in April of this year and has been nominated for the Best Horror Story of the past 12 months. So please all head over to and follow their guidelines on voting and help me claim my first literary prize.

My second story is due to be published this coming weekend in the online magazine (no download necessary) SNM Horror Magazine ( so please feel free to head on over and read " Be Afraid " again a rough draft can be found on this site. This story is also nominated for the story of the month competition so please vote for me and help me make my name in the writing world.

Thanks for reading


Its been a while

It has been a while since I have added anything to my blog. I can only appologise. I have been busy working on finalizing my collection of short stories. I have 10 in total now for my first collection and am eager to find representation and help me take my writing to the next level

I am working on some new material at the moment.

I have just compelted the first novel in a series which I will discuss in my next few posts with you all. Before I begin to edit this book and then move onto the second in the series I will take a few weeks to work on some more short stories. Including my current one about a lonely man in a rural town forgotten by the world in the midst of an economic depression. A man who has never left the town, and onyl very rarely leaves his own property unless it is to buy his groceries. Yet he harbours a desire, a need to travel, to leave it all behind and see the world, and so he devises a cunning plan to make sure that he gets to fulfil his wish before he dies from the disease that is eating its way through him.