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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hostage Situation?

He looked at her from the shadows, he studied her face. He could almost feel the contours of her smooth skin, the slight indentation along her hairline where the scar was hidden; an accident from her childhood. He knew it all. The fillings she had in her teeth, her secret nightly cigarette smoked out on the back porch. He looked her up and down. Her trim body, tight and lithe thanks to the gym hours she had been putting in. She looked good, and he could feel himself getting aroused just being near her.

They had once been inseparable, she had listened to him, understood his needs and helped him satiate them. Then one day it all changed. She left him behind, moved on. She started seeing that doctor. That smarmy man with his Harry Potter glasses and leather seated office. Just thinking about that weasel like man with his receding hairline and gradually swelling stomach made him want to lash out.

He calmed himself, he looked at her, studied her face the way an artist studies a lump of clay. Seeing the true beauty in his work, hidden away beneath the surface.

She had changed her hair too, she wore it down now, and she had grown it long. Had it really been that long since he had last visited her? He tried to think but he had no control over the mind anymore.

He wanted her, he missed her, and he had already decided to come back and take her with him. Fuck the doctor, who was he to tell her what to do. "Join a gym, a book club. Just try to move on." He told her, and how she had listened. Well not it as all going to change he was going to make sure of it.

Stepping forward, emerging from the shadows he strode forcefully. She never saw him coming. He jumped out of the darkness of her mind and seized control of the body they once shared. Wrenching open the draw to the cupboard beneath the same mirror she stood studying her new self in he grabbed the gun. His strength failing as the even now the prescription medication waged war on his existence.

He raised the gun to their temple and just as he saw the look in her eyes turn wide with the realization of what was happening he screamed. -

"Die BITCH" and pulled the trigger.

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