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Monday, 30 August 2010

Lost and Found

It was handed in not long after 09.15, just as the rush hour madness was beginning to slow. Not really knowing how to handle such an item, Molly Parker found an empty out-tray in the manager's office and let the pink-grey mass fall wetly into it before storing it nearly away under the counter she sat behind, nestled between the other items.

Surely somoene would come for it. She said to herself as she worked. Reading her gossip magazine in between the standard queries over directions, train times and the inevitable delays. All the while she tried to ignore the wet gargled breaths and quiet pulsating sounds it made as it lay there, shivering in a grey jellied pool of its own decomposition.

She had never had a brain handed in at lost and found before, but she guessed that whoever had lost it would pick it up sometime after 17.30 once normal office hours had ended.

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