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Monday, 30 August 2010

On The Table

Jasper looked around nervously. He could hear the heart monitor beeping quicker and quicker as his pulse shot upwards. His whole body was shivering slightly and he was sweating. Somebody dabbed his head with a wet cloth. It was only a simple surgery, but he was nervous none the less. He had never been in hospital before, and had been having nightmares every night for a week leading up to it.

"It's ok Jasper, you won't feel a thing." Doctor Reid spoke calmly from behind his surgical mask. He wasn’t wearing his glasses today. He looked different or so Jasper thought as they put the mask over his nose and mouth.

"Please count backwards from ten for me Jasper" Another voice spoke to him. Jasper looked backwards from his horizontal perspective and saw an older man, strands of white hair poking out from beneath his surgical cap. His gloved hand held the mask in place.

"" Jasper fell asleep.

"Okay. He's out." Doctor Reid announced to the room as he picked up his scalpel and made a long incision across Jasper's abdomen.

He laid the bloodied blade back on the green clothed tray and removed his hygienic mask. "Dig in" He said, and they all descended on the boy with a fervor, their mouths salivating at the prospect of fresh meat.

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