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Monday, 30 August 2010


He sat there, the darkness surrounding him. His world nothing more than an emtpy space. The moon made an occasional appearance from behind the clouds, making long shadows that danced like trained monkeys on the wall of his barren apartment. The curatins had been left open and he had taken position in the chair directly before the window. His view of the bustling city streets below him and beyond that the desert for as far as he cojuld see. He had sat for hours just watching the world go by. His skin was beinning to crawl with anticipation, fear. His entire body felt electric, and he couldn't help but smile as the sun finally began to rise on the horizon. It was over, finally the longest night of his life was over.

Maybe now he could finally get some rest, get some sleep. He closed hiseyes and waited for the thin orange strip on the horizon to thicken, to rise.

He smiled and felt filled with sweet realsed as his body burst into flames, leaving behind nothing more than a pile of ash and a long forgotten grace empty some two hundred years.

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