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Friday, 8 October 2010

Love the Movies

The lights began to dim, and as if directly connected the chattering voices also became a hushed murmur before dying out completely. The screen was black, its silhouette still visible in the darkness, and then suddenly it beamed, advertising all manner of concessions available in the lobby.

Benior sat at the back of the room, watching everybody move around, late arrivals scurrying to the seats, families discussing who sits where, and couples deciding how best to sit with each others, there were plenty of faux- stretching moves being made, several heads resting on shoulders and plenty of arm hugging. It was pretty full for the late night showing of a film that was released three weeks ago, but to Benior it just made everything more appealing.

With the previews out of the way, and everybody's attention held captive by the movies playing before them, Benoir rose unseen, his graceful movements invisible to their transfixed eyes. It was a difficult process to master, but the rewards he discovered it could reap were worth the pain he had gone through.

Wandering the aisles, carefully picking his targets each and every time, Benior found exactly what he was looking for. A male, early twenties, sitting along and in reasonable shape to guarantee decent tasting blood. Benoir moved in to feed.

With his victim(s) so preoccupied by the movie, they never noticed Benior sit down beside them, nor did they ever feel the pinch as his elongated teeth sank into their sweet soft flesh and begin to draw their life fluid. They felt slightly lightheaded, but their subconscious wrote it off as being the movie and not them. Once he had drunk his fill from one particular victim, their individual flavour no longer tantalizing his palate, then Benoir would release them.. . That was the key to it all, to take what you want and move on, never to drain, that brought too much attention.

With his hunger satiated once more, Benoit would move back to his seat and watch the film, dozing as he sat there, enjoying the high of fresh blood and the thrill of the hunt. Sometimes he would then take from the pretty girls, if there were any, although their blood often tasted slightly bitter in his mouth. They were more for the pleasure of it than the nourishment anyway.

Once the movie was over, he would appear once again and either leave with the masses, watching as his target rub his neck and stumble his way back into the fresh air, were normally he would begin to feel better almost immediately, and simply curse his choice of movie snacks.

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