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Friday, 8 October 2010

Put A Leash On It

The spot light came from the top of the police cruiser bathed Ray Edwards and his colleague Matt Hardy in a brilliant light. The patrol car came to a gentle stop and the light was extinguished.

"Evening guys." The officer spoke to them. He was friendly enough, they were causing no trouble, just heading home following an after work beer.

"Can we help you office?" Ray asked, unsure as to why they had been stopped, neither of them was drunk, not even slightly.

"We got an alert going off down at dispatch, you know what night it is Mr... Edwards." The cop asked, pausing to read the name from a page in his notebook.

"Yeah I'm heading home now, we just had a quick drink after work." Ray answered honestly. It was warm out, especially for a spring evening, but the hairs on Ray's arms stood erect, even more so when the slight breeze brushed against them. It made his skin tingle, as if somehow charged.

"Ok, but you know the rules, on a full moon you have to be inside before sundown. So hop in I'll give you both a lift." The cop said getting out of the car and opening the read door to allow both men to climb inside.

"I'm really sorry about this." Ray said to him as they drove. "I've got my ankle tag on, I thought that was supposed to keep my under control." This was no lie, when the tags were introduced all sufferers were told that the charged band would help stem the urges pull of the full moon on their bodies.

"Well yeah, but only for home use, to keep families and loved ones safe. Out on the street, well its just too intoxicating for guys like you once. . . once the moon is out I mean." The cop answered, stammering slightly.

"It's ok office. You can say it. I'm a werewolf. Matt here knows all about it. "and I really did think the band would keep me straight. You need to turn left here, and its the house on the corner." Ray added as they approached his house. He could feel the band on his leg tingling as its electronic pulses were sent through his body counteracting the lunar pull.

The cop pulled the car up at the bottom of Ray drive and let both men out. "It's not a problem sir, just remember for the future when its a full moon, home before dark. Sounds childish I know but it is in everyone's best interest." The cop told them, shaking both of their hands before getting back in his car and driving off.

"Well I'd better get inside then." Ray said to his friend. "I'll see you Monday." He offered his hand to Matt, who shook it and smiled.

"No, I'm off, the girls are on holiday and I promised to take them to the zoo Monday. I'm back Tuesday. Have a good weekend buddy." Matt said, calling the last back over his shoulder as he went on his way.

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