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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Mother Of The Year

"You two will be the death of me. Come on now, tidy this up and go play outside. Shoo, leave it I'll take care of it. Its a beautiful day, and I filled the paddling pool for you, so ...hup... outside, get some fresh air." Michelle Collison swept her children through the living room, dining room and kitchen, out of the back door into the garden.

It was a beautiful summers day outside and Michelle was busy in the kitchen baking for the kids school bake sale coming Friday. The girls were hard work sometimes, they were twins and always full of energy.

Leaving the living room until later, it was only a few colouring pencils and pieces of paper scattered over the floor, nothing major, Michelle returned to her baking.

Once outside the girls ran into the decent sized garden laughing and screaming with each other, enjoying their Sunday, all worked up for the last week of school before summer vacation officially began.

"Be careful in the water girls, It might be a bit warm at first." Michelle called after them as she beat the batter with a wooden spoon, the bowl held in the crook of her arm and held tightly against her body. She was wearing the kitchen apron that her girls had made her earlier in the year, a Mother's day present, it was hand decorated and had WORLDS BEST MOTHER written in glitter pen on the front in large letters and in smaller print running down both strings that tied together to hold it in place.

She watched as the kids jumped straight into the pool, ignoring her words urging caution. They splashed and jumped around laughing, and she smiled to herself. . . . .

. . . . Before long the screams and giggles of pleasure turned into groans and screams of agony, the girls splashed around in the pool, but no longer with wild excitement but in panic, their skin was burning, reddening before their eyes. Large blisters formed, swelling up and bursting, thick layers of yellow skin peeled back like the skin of a ripe banana, and blood bubbled to the surface crowned by a pink froth as the hydrochloric acid ate through their fragile bodies with a greedy speed. Their legs soon buckled and they fell face first into the water, floating together, hands clasped in unity.

Michelle watched on, and once their legs stopped thrashing and their twitching bodies were still, she turned back to the stove, humming a gentle melody to herself as she poured the batter into the cake tins and placed them in the oven.

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