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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

True Love Knows No Bounds

Vampires have a certain reputation about them, killing machines, heartless fiends who stalk the innocent under the cover of darkness, and while yes, they do have a luch for blood that just cannot be satiated no matter how much they drink, it doesn't mean that they cannot adjust.

My wife had been buried just three days before she rose. It had been a mysterious death, two small puncture wounds to her neck, police attributed the death to heart failure.

...............but I had known better............

I sat by her grave every night, from the moment the sun disappeared from my world, until the moment it dared raise its luminous face once again, patiently I sat. . . . I waited.
On the second night, just as the horizon was starting to glow I heard her, scratching, her fingernails running over the inside of her coffin, looking for a weakness, however it was too late, there was no time to rise, and I was forced to wait an entire day before being reunited with her. A whole day behind my desk, listening to claim request after claim request come through from one whining person after another.

I arrived at the grave that third night with flowers, crocuses, roses, and two beautiful lilies that took centre stage of the bouquet. I had a bottle of wine and a new sweater, for it was cool out and the clothes she was buried in were but thin.

The scratching began the moment the sun disappear from its axis over the northern hemisphere, and after little more than an hour I heard the dirt move, she had made it out. My heart began to beat faster, nerves fired in my body as my excitement grew. I felt as though we were high school lovers again, about to experience each other for the first time.

How was I to know that the increasing rate of my heart simply fuelled her hunger, her arousal for blood.

She broke the surface, not gasping for air, but with a near angelic grace, just like I had expected from her. A beautiful women in life, delicate and dainty in forever. She stared at me, she called my name, and I saw tears in her eyes. I place the flowers on the floor, the wine and sweater beside them, and held out my arms. My whole body shaking as I allowed myself to be taken over by her beauty, her pale skin, unblemished, her eyes blue and sparkling in the moonlight, her auburn hair cascaded down to her shoulders, and blew slightly in the breeze. She smiled at me, and I wrapped my arms around her, my tears finally coming. I had yet to cry since her passing, something told me to keep them inside, just a while long.

So powerful were my emotions that I never even felt the bite, the moment her teeth pierced my flesh, nor did I mind the giddy love like sensation of my body being drained of its vital fluids. I drank greedily from the blood that lactated from her breasts, suckling with a wild passion, my thirst growing with each mouthful.

While our reunion had not gone as I planned, our love did reach out across the boundaries of life and death. Now we roam the world, travelling where and when we will, are hands locked together as we journeyed side by side through forever.

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