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Monday, 25 October 2010


Lisa Raine sat in the restaurant and watched the flame flicked on the candle. It was about half the size it was when she had sat down. Ironic really as her party was now also half the size. She looked across at the empty chair and then remembered the letter he had given her at the start of the night.

"Lisa, At some point I will need to leave for a while, something work related, but don't worry, I will come back. I have written you a letter, its important that you read it once I am gone." He had spoken softly and helf her hands in his own. She was falling for him and when he passed her the letter, which she had placed in her handbag.

Granted she thought it was strange, but then it was their sixth date in a month, and they had a real connectio so she was going to roll with it. For the simple fact that she loved him. She had yet to say it to him, but she did, and she thought it rather obvious that he felt the same. She looked at the small box on the table as if looking for confirmation of his feelings. He had bought her a pair of earings. Nothing expensive but beautiful none the less, and from the small jewellers located out of town whcih she had spoken about on their first date.

Lisa smiled as she took out the leter and began to read.

My Dearest Lisa,

I know that my behaviour tonight may strike you as odd, but I can assure you I have only your best interests at heart.

My evenings spent with you have reminded me of what life is all about. I have, as you know overcome a series of personal tragedies, including the loss of my family three years ago. Since then I have closed myself off to the world, until that was, I met you.

I know that I carry with me a lot of baggage, and while many things I am open about and have spoken freely over, there are some parts of me which I do my best to keep hidden. Sadly however, every now and then things change, things are brought to the suface that I cannot control and am not ready to confide to anybody in.

I have already paid for our dinner, and advised the maitre'd to bring you a little something once he sees you finish reading this letter. (Lisa looked up at this moment and indeed saw the Maitr'd walking her way with a large bouqet of red roses, with a pink ribbon tied into a bow around their stem.)

I must tell you now, that there are only two things I need you to understand. One, is that I love you. I love you with my heart and soul, and can think of no person I would rather spend my time with. than you, from your chocolate hair to the way you're eyes sparkle when you smile, and how you play with your earrings when you feel nervous.

The second, and by far most important thing you need to understand my love is that I will always do my best to give you ............. a headstart.

The letter was signed of course, but no sooner had Lisa rad this last sentence, the deafining roar of shattering glass filled the reastauant and the large wolf came chargin through, standing on its hing legs it stared at everybody before beginning to feed one table at a time.


Ranee Dillon said...

I really liked the way you developed the story. The letter was especially engaging. The way you ended the letter was brilliant. The words --"I will always do my best to give you ............. a head start"-- compelled me to continue reading. I wanted to know why she needed a head start. Well done!

MTwyman said...

Cool story twist at the end! Thanks for letting us read it. I've been going through a werewolf phase the last couple of weeks and this definitely helped to sate it a little ;-)

Best Regards,