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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Open Season

The town of Huntsville was appropriately named given the locals dispensation towards the rather blood thirsty sport. The 1st August was always a big day, all the businesses were closed, even the schools shut down, a carnival came to town, with a few small attractions, some game stands and a double popcorn candy floss vendor. The first day of the new hunting season was always a blast.

When Hunting Day 2011 came around, the atmosphere in the own was just as electric as always. Almost the entire population were crowded together in Bob Eddison' s field, it was the largest and closest to the woods. They all stood, whispering in anticipation of the klaxon they knew would shortly sound.

The sky overhead was a flawless blue, not a single white fluffy blemish could be seen, and the sun beat down on them as it approached its apex.

"Women and Children first." A deep wet voice rattled. Silencing the crowd. 'Lets give them a head start, it makes them taste that much sweeter when you have to work for it." Eldridge spoke. He was the leader of the vampire brood who had taken over the town the week before.

The klaxon sounded, the fences that had been holding them all in place were pushed flat against the ground and they were loose.

They ran, charging in all directions, crushing their own neighbours and relatives underfoot should somebody be unlucky enough to fall in the pandemonium. As they fled, the sun descended, as if it too were under his - Eldridge's - spell. The sky darkened and the ground rumbled as the pack gave chase. Picking off the elderly with ease, almost nonchalantly, uninterested in their aged stale tasting blood.

By the time the eclipse was over, and the sun was setting in the sky after its natural path had reached its end, the entire town lay spread in the field, eyes gazing at the stars, a thin layer of dirt covering them, no more than a handful really, but that was all the is ever needed to bring on the change, and when converting en-masse, digging graves for each is just not practical. . . . even for the undead.

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Jordan Drew said...

Well done! Loved this. ;)