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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cell Mate

“You’re gonna like your new cell Billy boy.” Sneered the guard as he led the handcuffed prisoner along the corridor, ignoring the shouts and cheers of the other inmates as they made their walk.

Billy Darnmouth stopped walking, turning suddenly to face the guard who had spoken to him, delivering a swift head butt which shattered the guards nose and released a shower of blood that covered the prisoners face in a warm mist.

“Fuck you! you fucking cunt” He screamed, his eyes wild with the fires of insanity. He wiped the blood from his face and licked his hands clean. The other guards grabbed him, throwing him to the floor under a barrage of fists and nightsticks. “Fuck pigs, come on you cunts” He screamed, laughing as they rained their blows down on him.

“Stop Stop this right now.” The warden called as he came running into the corridor, leaving the safety of his office. His presence resulted in even more cheers, especially as he pulled the bloodied man to his feet. “Leave him be, just get this waste of life to his cell, and out of my sight.” The warden stared at Billy, who did nothing but smile back at him, even blowing a kiss as they hauled him away. The split above his left eye leaving a broken trail of blood behind like a dark Hansel and Grettel.

“Enough. This wing is on lock down until further notice. Enjoy yourselves maybe you’ll remember who is in charge around here.” The warden bellowed at the raucous inmates, who piped down almost immediately.

The warden turned and watched his five toughest officers leading the Prisons most violent and uncontrollable man down a darkened corridor towards the back of the prison, to the cells that were held aside for emergency situations. Now it was his turn to smile.

“Gonna take me out back hey, Fuckers, yeah come on then, fuck me, I’ll snap ‘em off and shove ‘em up your own assholes. Fucking cunts” Billy continued to scream, fighting against the five men and almost coming up trumps on several occasions. Even a few repeated blows to the back of his already injured head failed to slow him down.

“Oh Billy boy, you think so little of us. You were told weeks ago we were looking to move you. It just so happens your new cell mate just arrived today.” The guard whose nose had been broken spoke, his voice painfully nasal as if he were filled with cold. The other guards laughed amongst themselves at a seemingly private joke.

Billy laughed along with them, enjoying the ride of his life. “Fuckers” He spoke, almost giggling he seemed so happy.

“Here we go Bill, enjoy yourself now.” The injured guard spoke. The door to the cell was open, there was a figure lying on the bed, the bottom bunk. He looked at the door as it opened.

“Gentlemen.” He spoke with a real British accent.

Billy turned to look at him, turned back to the guards, a look of puzzlement on his face. “This faggot. Ooooh I’m so fucking scared, I think I’m actually growing a cunt I so afraid of this man. Please don’t leave me here.” He smiled, his words broken off as the guard whose nose had finally finished bleeding dealt out his own head butt. It sent Billy tumbling backwards into the call, his cackling laughter echoed around the otherwise deserted corridor like the mad hatter in wonderland.

Turning to face his new cell mate Billy simply stood and looked at him, smiling the whole time, scratching his testicles with an exaggerated motion. His bald head and thick goatee swung slightly from side to side. “Allo chum.” He said with a fake British accent of his own. “Come of that bed and I’ll fucking kill you. Stay there and well, I’m gonna fucking kill ya, but I won’t fuck ya first how about that. … Chum” He spoke adding the accent to the last word.

“Good night.” The mans said, turning his back to his new friend. “Full moon tonight you know.” He added almost as an afterthought.

Billy remained standing, dancing on the balls of his feet, rubbing his hands together, the smile never leaving his face, his cheeks cramped from the pain he was so happy.

Not long after sunset the guards returned to the cell, standing quietly waiting for something.

When the screams finally came, none of them moved, although all took a step back when the first howl came. The snarling animal growls followed soon after, along with very effeminate screams as Billy had his flesh ripped apart, and when silence finally descended there was a wet smacking sound the took its turn to echo around the cells.

When the officers retrieved the body in the morning, there as very little left, Billy’s chest had been ripped open, his organ devoured, the few bits that weren’t swallowed in the skirmish had been plastered against the walls. The British man was curled up in the corner naked as the day he was born, his body covered in blood, his lips pulled back in a snarl.

“Sedate him and put him back in the isolation cell before anyone realises he was gone.” The warden spoke coldly, stating the facts as if it were nothing. “And burn what’s left of him.” He added walking away. The next full moon wasn’t for another month; he had a lot of phone calls to make if he wanted to arrange another transfer in time.

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