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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Trick or Treat

They say that the appeal of a yuletide game of soccer was sufficiently powerful enough to halt the First World War, with British and German troops putting their rifles to one side, to spring from their trenches for a kick about one Christmas morn. I had never believed it myself. Not completely, they must always have been more to it than that.

That was until October 31st 2010, about 6 months after it had happened, since the dead had risen and claimed a place on earth, happy to share it with those of us who survived, yet equally happy to sink their rotten teeth into out flesh for a snack whenever the mood seemed to suit them. Yet every year, dating back to 2010, some twenty five years ago now the war between us all would end. The craving for free candy and a night of escapism overpowering their thirst for the flesh, so when you’re doorbell rings this year don’t fear what you might see when you open the door. Trick or Treat!

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