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Friday, 17 September 2010

Teachers Pet

The night air was crisp and cool against him, his breath clouded his vision momentarily each time he exhaled, but it never broke his gave on her, Kimberly Jennings.

A gust of wind rattled the leaves of the tree he was sheltering under, using the shadows and to further hide what the natural dark of night couldn’t. Balanced carefully on the balls of his feet his every move was well thought out and calculated. The asphalt roof of the garage hadn’t looked in too good condition the last time he was here in daylight, and so he took no chances.

It was a Sunday night, and he had been no idea of how long he had been crouched in the same position. Long enough to watch Kimberly working away on her computer, chatting on the internet with friends, along with the extra bonus of seeing her undress before and redress after her shower. The water droplets glistening on her slender toned body. He had felt the arousal building in his trousers long before her naked body stood before him. The way her hair spilled over her shoulders and seemed to dance in the air every time she moved was enough for him. Just one quick look into her hazel eyes was sufficient to send him to heaven in a heartbeat.

It was getting close to midnight now, and Kimberly was on her stomach atop her double bed, she was wearing a soft pink night shirt which in her current position came not much lower than the top of her thighs, just before the curve of her perfectly rounded rear began. Her legs were bent at the knee and cross at the ankles. She was watching an old horror film from the seventies, or possibly one of those new remakes that were designed to look old. He didn’t care; he didn’t care of watching movies. Real life was much more entertaining.

Not long after the he heard the church bells sound the beginning of the new day and a gentle rain had started to fall did he make his move. Kimberly was asleep; her body still, her breathing deep and slow . . . peaceful.

Carefully maneuvering the window (which he had rigged to open from the outside on his previous visit) he opened it just enough to let himself get in without allowing the night breeze and nocturnal sounds to disrupt his sleeping beauty.

Her bedroom was spacious, the floor covered with a thick carpet which played to his advantage by swallowing the sound of his footsteps. He stood at the end of the bed, the television was still on, although the movie she had been watching was over, the menu screen of the DVD cast its glow, backlighting his form as if he were a character escaped from the movie itself. His breathing was shallow; he was excited, his body sweating slightly beneath his clothes. He reached out and caressed the curves her body made beneath the covers. She moaned in her sleep, not a sound of pleasure more simply a moan. She stretched and rolled onto her side.

He knew time was limited and so he got to work. He went straight to the wardrobe, opened the doors and began to rummage through her closet, it was filled with all your standard high school clothing, the cupboard was full, but it didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for. He pulled out the skirt and held it up to the light emitted by the TV. It was a plaid skirt, the one she had been wearing the first time he saw her, he draped it over the back of her desk chair, and followed it up by laying a white button up shirt on top. He returned to the window and reached into the bag he brought with him. Carefully he placed the underwear on top of the clothes he had already selected. The bra was red and lacy, and would easily be seen through the white shirt, and the matching colored thong would – or so he hoped – be glimpsed under the skirt at some point.

Suddenly he heard a noise, someone was moving in the hallway outside. He froze, his heart thundering in his chest. He heard another door click further down the hallway; this was followed shortly after by the flushing of a toilet and the steps being retraced. Once silence had taken its grip of the house once more he fished in his pocket for the note he had written. It gave Kimberly careful instructions on how to dress, what perfume to use and also where to sit in class the next day, along with the guarantee of an A grade on the paper due that week if she did everything to his liking.

Before he left he took a chance and bent down to sniff her hair, his nose hovering a mere fraction above her head. The aroma of her and the shampoo she had used that evening made his head swim, but he had to pull himself away for he still had papers to grade before the morning.

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