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Thursday, 16 September 2010

She's a Hottie

He watched her sashay her way along the corridor, peering out from within his cubicle to follow her shapely hips and slender legs as they walked away. She was the dream of pretty much the entire floor, Hell the entire company as far as he knew. Gemma Margotson, had started as a temp a few months before, delivering the mail, helping out with copying and posting the daily and weekly reviews. She worked for the company in as a whole, but seemed to spend most of her time on the 14th floor amongst the copywriters, people such as Callum Regis.

He had fallen for her the moment he first saw her, and was biding his time, waiting to make his move. She was everything he wasn’t; she was gorgeous with a figure to die for, fresh out of college and young enough to be his daughter. Her chestnut hair and green eyes alone turned most of the men in the floor to jelly, without even need to notice her clothing, which although always professional was sexy in the extreme.

He just knew that today was the day he would make his move, he could feel it, smell it in their air mingling with her perfume, He drank it in and let it swoon around inside his head. He smiled and went back to work. It was 15.27, sunset was in less than 4 hours, the first night of the full moon. Oh yes, today he would have her, and she would be delicious.

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