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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A safe place?

They were crowded in like sheep being led to the slaughter. Kelly Furnac and her partner Lindsay Keown had been enjoying a nice romantic evening together and were just about to head to the bedroom when it happened. At first they thought it was a riot - in itself a worrying thought given the upper class neighbourhood they lived in. - but they soon learnt otherwise.

The shattering of glass could be hear all around them.

"I never knew zombies could climb up walls like that." Lindsay whispered.

"Other than in movies we never new they existed until tonight." The older man from Apartment 14c answered. He was wearing a bathrobe and socks.

"Shhh They'll hear us." Whipmered Mercedes Dunwick, her blonde hair was plastered to her scalp with sweat.

It was hot in the elevator, and with nearly 25 people cramming into the small space nobody even gave thought to the weight limit.

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